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Custom made wardrobes designed and built by our team of ak handyman can give your home a unique storage solution that will provide you with a functional space for years to come. Custom made wardrobes not only add value to your home, but they also ensure that you have the organisational tools to fit your unique lifestyle.


Our bedroom dividers are motivated by clean layouts and best possible inside storage free of space wastage. Our sliding apparel has its advantage it assists with cutting the distance wastage and provides the best for inbuilt storage for luggage.


If it comes to showerscreens, AK Handyman has got something for everybody. We’ll work together to provide a gorgeous showerscreen for virtually any size toilet, layout style, family or price range.


We custom make and install into your precise specifications, our shower screens are created and vigorously analyzed here in Australia and we have been in existence for over 70 decades, so that you know we will be here to help our goods to the long haul.


Made these for the sitting room, and they were actually easy-ish to make… The style was popular in Swedish homes.


With so many alternatives to choose from, choosing window treatments can be challenging. Various rooms call for various styles of window coverings – it is not one-size fits all strategy.


Bearing that in mind, we have established a ten-part series that will assist you pick the best window coverings to fit every room of your house.


Blinds are also perfect for the bedroom, since they enable you to restrain them in the comfort of the mattress or perhaps pre-program them to start and shut in convenient times.


Storage You Will Set Store By. Give your prized possessions a suitable home with our collection of cabinets & cupboards.

From books and collectables to electronics and office files, we have got your storage needs covered with our cabinets & cupboards. Regardless of what you place in them, the various styles and finishes blend right in with your interiors.


And for a more personalised touch, there’s our vibrant cupboard, inspired by traditional carpentry. It’s easy to match with your furnishings!


To buy the best carpet for your home, learn about different styles, materials and quality to ensure durability and comfort for your long-term satisfaction.


Our variety of profound heap hand knotted carpets come in stunning colours, with layouts which are in precisely the exact same time vibrant, exotic and distinctively contemporary. The colour schemes of our rugs are fantastic and also the craftsmanship, superb. We can provide rugs in a variety of appealing patterns and layouts to match the varying flavor of discerning clients. These rugs are also customized in accordance with the specifications supplied.


Carpeting is one of the largest investments you’ll make in your home. By doing some basic homework, comparison shopping and working with a reputable retailer, you’ll be able to understand the types of carpet that will work best for your home and buy carpeting that fits your needs—and gives you confidence that you’re getting a quality product for a good price.


Regardless of the size of your home, maintaining it can be a struggle. While you may not have the time or the tools to accomplish everything on your to-do list, we are a reliable team of experts who offer akhandyman services with a Right Guarantee.


Turre engineers & builders pvt. ltd. is proud to be the name that nearly hundreds of home owners have trusted for home improvement and repair, providing virtually any home repair, installation and maintenance service. You don’t want to put your life on hold to fix the door that won’t close, or patch the hole in your drywall, and we understand that. That’s why our team respects your schedule and arrives with all the tools and equipment necessary to provide an efficient, reliable handyman service. It is our goal to keep your home in tip top shape so you can stay on track.


Whether you need a confirmed carpenter for a little repair job or require a group of carpenters for brand new furniture manufacturing or to execute house renovation jobs, Mr. Right provides proficient and dependable carpenters offering quality workmanship in a cost you can readily afford. Mr. Right supplies an extensive selection of cleaning services out of complete carpentry, door repair, window repair, bolt and boot installation, lock setup, new furniture manufacturing, furniture repair & setup…. . .pretty much anything related to carpentry services.


Floors, Vanities, Cabinets, Doors & More

Out with the old and in with  AKHandyman. Our seasoned home improvement professionals install family fixtures, windows, floors, windows, countertops, crown molding and much more. Anything you want installed in your house, our experienced and insured handymen will find the job done right and on time.


Want your house to look its very best? You should think about our specialist pressure washing solutions. By power washing your deck, siding, driveway, and other outside areas around your house, you can quickly and efficiently eliminate built-up sediment, dirt, and other debris. This not only assists the areas seem amazing, but it could also decrease wear and tear by eliminating mould, algae, chalk, weeds, insects, and much more.


Additional Advantages to stress washing:

It may clean and decorate machines play equipment, and much more.
It may make your house more sanitary for kids.
It may eliminate plants growing where they should not.
It may remove stains out of your driveway and paths.
It can organize a room to get a painting or staining project.

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  • My home has a well. I have noticed pink stain/residue that builds up in my tub. What is it?

    Generally when you see pink or orange stains on the fixtures it means you have iron in the water. Well water needs to have a water softener or other filtering device to remove naturally occurring minerals.

  • What causes a sewer smell from kitchen sink when using the dishwasher?

    If you get a sewer smell when you are using the dishwasher on a kitchen sink, it often means there is a blockage in the vent or the drain of the pipes inside the wall. If you have a clogged vent on the roof, then the back-pressure
    that is created when you try to put water into the pipe.


Through routine development and research, we’re providing an exclusive assortment of Modular Kitchen Setup Service. These are rendered based on the customer’s requirements. Along with this, provided modular kitchen solutions have been valued because of their reasonable rates, appealing layout kitchen and ideal implementation.


Additional details:
Unique client-centric strategy
Customization available
Ensures total satisfaction
Fast implementation


Repair, Install, Grout, Patch & More

The little things accumulate. That is why regular maintenance in the vicinity of the house is particularly significant. With a mean of 10 years’ experience, our home improvement professionals know just what to look for and how to repair it. From replacing grout from the bathroom to installing a fan in the loft, let’s handle the small and massive jobs on your listing.